bodytox detox sleep natural deep action pain relieve warm patches & advanced nutrition liposomal glutathione with seleniumbodytox detox sleep natural deep action pain relieve warm patches & advanced nutrition liposomal glutathione with selenium


Your Nature, Everywhere.

All of us are subject to the immune-suppressing actions of time, and chemical contaminants in our body, from food, water, environment, and all the stresses of todays fast-paced lifestyle.

Respecting your time, your nature and your body, bodytox uses ancient and traditional knowledge aligned with science and technology so that you can (re)discover the balance between your wellbeing and being-well.

Bodytox - 15 years helping you detox your world!


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Detox Foot Patches

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Bodytox Foot Patches harnesses a centuries-old therapy method based on the reflexology concept, working from a reactor map for the sole of the foot showing the links to the internal organs.

bodytox patches @ bodytox detox your world


Open the cover of the envelope and remove the patch.

bodytox foot patches @ bodytox detox sleep and warm deep action patches

Simple Application

Peel back the paper edges to reveal the patch inside.

reflexology foot patches @ bodytox detox your world

Reflexology Concept

Apply the patch whilst peeling back the protective adhesive. Smooth and press firmly onto the foot.

Combining quality natural active ingredients with the power of reflexology, bodytox patches promote self-care and wellbeing.


In the pulse of life and time, everything is interconnected.

Find your rhythm. Your balance. Yourself.

Connect with nature. Evolve. Transform.

What Our Customers Say

I work long hours and constantly feel tired and run down. Since I started using Bodytox foot patches, I have more energy and have been less tired, they definitely work.

Claire Farthing


I have been using Bodytox warm patch for years now. It is a great general muscular pain relieve product and I particularly like the fact that it works directly on the affected area, without causing any burning discomfort. I decided to send this message to thank you as last weekend my teenager daughter came to visit, and as she was complaining of period pain and I wasn't sure what could help, I offered the patches. They worked wonders and now she is also your new customer. Thank you guys for the amazing product!

Adam Flincher


For many years I have been suffering from insomnia, and during this time I tried everything. Until I discovering Bodytox sleep patch. The reflexology process and the lavender fragrance has been helping me to relax and to establish a new routine. Since my very first patch up to now, 5 months later, I am sleeping much better and the patch is coming back with a lighter colour. Thank you Bodytox!

Mia Stanton


I have been suffering from achy feet prior to wearing the patches, but they were relieved straight after the following morning. The dark colour of the patches gives a great sensation of cleansing and it is interesting to see that it comes lighter and lighter, day after day.

June Bond


My husband and I are strong believers that Botytox detox patches were essential on his recovery. I now recommend them to all my patients!

Vivienne Constad


I am often quite cynical when it comes to new products, but I was presently surprised at the effects the patches had, even after wearing them for one night. Strongly recommend it!

Laura Austin


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