why bodytox?

Historically, beauty, health, wellbeing and rituals have been inseparable.

Pointed as an emerging trend, Bodytox is focused on interconnections between the product, user, natural ingredients, and science.

The brand was created and launched over a decade ago, and ever since its first appearance, it has been gaining market in the UK and abroad, established in many countries and trusted by thousands of consumers.

Bodytox believes quality and simplicity enhances usability and effectiveness. Based in London, they create products to portray a melting pot of culture, merging and supporting timeless ancient wisdom and combining them with modern science.

Bodytox is committed to innovation and dedicated years to research and combine the highest-quality natural active ingredients to create healthy alternatives to detox your world.


what is a foot patch?

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bodytox patches @ bodytox detox your world

liposomal science

scientifically proved

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what is glutathione?

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bodytox foot patches

natural warm patch

helps to maintains healthy blood circulation.

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lavender sleep patch

the natural way to enjoy a restful night's sleep

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detox foot patch

the modern day night-time spa patch.

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a centuries old treatment

merging science and nature

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