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Bodytox Detox Foot Patches

The leading "Detox your World" seller, bodytox detox foot patches are established in the market for 15 years and is trusted by hundreds of thousands of customers in the UK and abroad.

Detox Foot Patches combines quality natural active ingredients with harnessing the power of reflexology. In both Oriental and Western practices, the sole of the foot is considered the source of health, working as a reactor map to the internal organs and supporting the co-relation of wellbeing and being well.

This centuries-old cleansing method combines quality natural active ingredients to promote purification, relaxation and balance, naturally.  

Most people over 30 years old might feel the health benefits of a detox monthly-week routine. Re-discover balance with bodytox detox spa patch experience:

- For a flash detox and cleansing action, at the end o an exhaustive week, you can get to know and benefit from Bodytox detox foot patch using a trial pack (2 units), which is perfect for a weekend spa patch chill. 

- For those looking for maintenance or a longer and deeper detox routine, the boxes of 6 and 14 patches are a great and effective modern-day night-time spa patch option.