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Bodytox Lavender Sleep Patches

Created 15 years ago by Bodytox® Ltd, bodytox lavender sleep patches is trusted by hundreds of thousands of customers in the UK and abroad.

Our lavender patches work on a similar principle to reflexology, where nerve pathways (meridian channels), which link all body parts, are encouraged to maintain a flow of energy through all major organs and glands.

Lavender, one of its principal ingredients, has been used for centuries as a herbal remedy to help promote relaxation and mood-lifting. Combined with other high-quality natural ingredients, when this modern-day poultice is applied to the feet, it helps stimulate the body's natural ability to relax and rebalance, becoming an alternative way to cleanse and enjoy a restful night's sleep.  Available in trial packs (2 units), and boxes of 6 and 14 patches